How to save £’s on your fuel/coal bill…

As we’re all aware, fuel prices have gone up considerably in 2022. Unfortunately, solid fuel (coal, logs etc) has not been unaffected by this.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Supply

This has been severely restricted due to the reduction on imported coal because of international events. We have lost a large percentage of Russian anthracite (natural smokeless coal that is used in the manufacturing of the large range of smokeless briquettes) which has meant sourcing anthracite from elsewhere.

  • Mine Closures

Onllwyn Colliery in Wales closed a couple of years ago and their back stock ran out in 2021. There is one anthracite mine left, Aberpergwm. Supply from here has been slow due to a roof collapse in November 2021 as well as increased demand in 2022. This has therefore left greater pressure on imported anthracite (see above).

  • Operating Costs

We’re all seeing our home fuel bills increasing as well as petrol/diesel prices at the pumps. This is the same for the mining and manufacturing of all of our smokeless fuels. For example,

Oil: This is used in the resin for the smokeless briquettes as well as the plastic bags and other packaging materials.

Diesel: For the transportation of fuels around the country. The ban on the use of red diesel has also had a massive effect on our prices.

Gas: A large majority of the smokeless briquettes on the market are cured/cooked in large gas ovens.

Electricity: For all industrial machinery as well as administration uses.

House Coal Ban: The ban of bituminous coal (end of March 2023) has seen prices rise for this fuel which then has a knock on effect to all of the smokeless fuels.

How to save

These are just a few of the reasons as to why all of our fuels have increased in price this year. But, there are ways in which you can help reduce the amount you spend on your coal bill.

If you can:

Buy Your Fuel Now: There are expected price rises in September of this year. We are hoping they will not be as large as what we’ve just experienced but any fuel purchased now will be cheaper than this coming winter.

Order As Much As Possible: Your coal or smokeless fuel will not “go off” or deteriorate. It can be stored outside (although covered to protect it from the elements if possible).

Kerbside Delivery: We can offer discounts on delivering your fuel to the kerbside or edge of property. This means we need less labour to deliver your fuel. It will mean moving it and stacking it yourself.

Collecting Your Fuel: We have always offered a discount for fuel that is collected from our yard. You’re welcome to come along to our yard and then we’ll load the fuel for you in 25kg sealed plastic bags. If you can’t make it in one trip, you’re able to pay for the amount you’d like and then collect it in as many trips as you need. All we ask is that you collect it within 10 days of you paying for it.

As always, please get in touch if you’d like help or advice for what fuels are suitable for your fire. We stock in excess of 20 different fuels so if you want something else to try, just ask. The best advice we have is that just because a fuel may be cheaper, it is rarely more cost efficient.

Many thanks,

Alan, Richard & Philip.

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