To save time have a read through some of our most frequently asked questions:

Please see the news page for common questions on the use of smokeless fuels on multi fuel stoves…

How much is a bag of coal?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this! There are many different sorts of fuel and “coal” is more of a generic term. The fuel also comes in more than one size of bag, be it 10kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg.

What kind of fuel do I need?

There are many different sorts of fuel available for all kinds of appliances. Fuels will burn very differently on different fires. If you have an open fire then house coal or a smokeless briquette is best, anthracite fuels are not suitable.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do deliver. We deliver to our local area (please see the “Local Delivery” page of the website) and we can now deliver nationwide via a pallet courier company.

How does the fuel come?

If we are delivering locally then we can deliver in either 25kg sealed plastic sacks that can be stacked outside or in a garage or shed. We also deliver in 50kg open sacks (like the old fashioned cwt) so the fuel can be tipped out loose into a coal bunker or shed etc.

Can we buy it from your yard?

Yes. We are available for cash & carry from our yard from 8:00 – 16:30 weekdays and 8:30 – 12noon on Saturdays (Oct-April). We accept cash, cheque or debit/credit cards (there maybe a small charge for credit cards, there is no charge for debit cards).

Is it cheaper to have it loose?

No. There is no difference in price between the 25kg plastic sacks and the 50kg open sacks, a 25kg plastic sack is half the price of the 50kg open sack. We do not charge extra for the plastic bag.

If I come to the yard and bag it myself is it cheaper?

No. Fuel is not available to be bagged by customers.

How long will the fuel last?

Unfortunately we can’t really answer this. All fires are different and burn in different ways, also it depends on how often you have a fire and how much fuel you put on at a time. Have a few bags and you should be able to gauge it from there.

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