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Traditional Bituminous Mined Coal

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The Sale Of House Coal as of 01/05/2021

The sale of house coal in England has changed. It is now permitted to sell bituminous house coal in “unsealed” plastic bags (25kg) or delivered loose into a bunker or shed ONLY.

We will do everything we can to aid you in how you need to purchase house coal as we realise it is a necessity to a large group of people.

House Coal

House Coal is what many think of as “proper” coal. It is either deep mined or more commonly now is open cast. We generally stock house coal from Scotland due to the last English mine being closed in 2015.

Burning Characteristics

Due to it’s high soot output it isn’t suitable for Multi Fuel Stoves and should only be burnt on open fires. Should not be used in Smokeless Controlled zones


House Coal comes in three main sizes:

House Coal Doubles

The smallest size of house coal. This will light easily and produce a large amount of heat but for a relatively short period of time. We tend to recommend this as a budget alternative to the other fuels.

Please email or call for prices of House Coal Doubles.

To avoid confusion: House Coal Doubles only come in 20kg bags. Not 25kg Bags.

Medium House Coal

The most popular of the house coals that we sell. This is due to its size being suitable for most open fires and will therefore last longer and work out more economic.

Large House Coal

This is for large open fires. We normally supply this to country pubs and even steam engines!

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