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Smokeless Fuel made from 100% renewable sources

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Olive briquettes are the ideal mixture of the burning characteristics between coal and logs.

Although they look like normal coal briquettes, they leave little or zero “coal” dust on them, making Olive Briquettes very clean to handle.

Made from 80% olive wood and 20% charcoal fines, they burn up to 40% hotter and can last up to twice as long as Kiln Dried Logs.

Easier to light than most briquettes and also less ash once burned.

Olive Briquettes can be used on all kinds of appliances ranging from open fires, multi fuel stoves & chimeneas, it really is an all round fuel.

The fuel comes in bags of 10kg which makes it easy & clean to handle.

These are available for collection from our yard or can be delivered alongside a coal or logs order for £7.50 a bag

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Weight 10 kg