Homefire Ovals


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Premium fuel for multi-fuel stoves. Long lasting & consistent high heat output

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The Premier Smokeless Briquette

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Homefire Ovals is our most popular fuel for multi fuel stoves and wood burners.Of all the fuels we stock it will produce the most consistent amount of heat for the longest time, therefore making it one of the most economic fuels available. If the stove is used correctly Homefire Ovals will burn all the way through the night, ideal if your stove is your only form of heating or perfect if you are trying to cut down on your other energy bills.

It is authorised for use in smoke controlled areas.

* Powerful – high overall radiant heat output

* Convenient- long fire life and long refuelling intervals

* Environmentally-friendly – 25% lower CO2 emissions than coal

* Economic – longer burning equals lower cost

* Compact – a hard fuel that doesn’t break up

* Slow Burning- burns steadily and will slumbers away for hours

As you can see, when it comes to burning a smokeless fuel rather than logs/wood, then there is no comparison!

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