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Premium fuel with high heat output and long burning time

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Phurnacite is a very popular fuel for multi fuel stoves, Rayburns and Aga’s. It has been on sale for over 50 years and the names every one remembers.

It is a very hard fuel that burns for a very long time with a high heat output and is authorised for use in smoke controlled areas. It is easily recognisable with its small size and two lines running through the center.

* Very Efficient – Excellent Heat Delivery

* Clean – Compact & Hard Fuel With Dense Ash

* Slow Burning – Slumbers Away For Hours

* More Environmentally Friendly – Low CO² emissions

* All Prices Include 5% VAT

* This Fuel Is Available For Cash & Carry At A Discounted Rate

* There Is No Extra Charge For Fuel in Plastic Sacks

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Weight 25 kg