Government To Ban Coal & Wood …

The Ban Will Now Take Effect From May 2021 For Plastic Bag Sales ONLY

In the media today there is a lot of talk about the government banning the sale of coal and wood. I’d like to explain what it is they would like to ban in the simplest way possible.

  1.  Bituminous/House Coal *: The only fuel that the government wants to ban is Bituminous/House Coal. All the smokeless fuels on the market will be unaffected. We stock fuels for use on open fires (which is what bituminous was only suitable for) which are more efficient, cleaner (less soot) and put less pollution in the atmosphere. As of 21/02/2021 you will not be able to buy this kind of fuel from retailers other than Approved Coal Merchants (like us). You can still purchase house coal from us, but it can only be “delivered loose” in to a shed or bunker. Basically, it won’t be available to buy in pre-packed bags.
  2. Wet/Green Wood: Wet or green wood is a term for unseasoned logs/firewood. These are not suitable to be burnt anyway. They will not give out adequate heat and will clog up your chimney/liner. You should only burn properly seasoned wood or kiln dried logs. If you are unsure of the moisture content of your logs, then it’s worth buying a moisture meter and can check for yourself. Please be aware that it is down to the consumer to ensure that the wood is kept in a dry environment after purchase. The moisture level of the wood will go up if left in the open air/rain.

We will still sell a full range of smokeless fuels,  which are more efficient than bituminous house coal anyway. We only sell seasoned or kiln dried logs.

Please do not think that we are disappearing, we’re still here, we’re still doing our best to provide value for money & an old-fashioned service.

Thank you for reading.

* House Coal = Bituminous Coal (Non-Smokeless)

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