Logs & Firewood

Kiln Dried & Seasoned Hard Wood Logs for open fires & multi fuel stoves

Bulk/Builders bags

The bulk bags contain 0.8m³ of mixed HARDWOOD logs, all approximately 8″ long. They are locally sourced and contain a mixture of hardwoods suitable for open fires and wood burners.

We do have CHESTNUT logs also available and are slightly cheaper, but these are for use on enclosed fires fires only due to them having a tendency to spit, no good for your carpet! Unfortunately, Chestnut logs are unavailable at the moment.

Free Bag Of 20kg Homflame Smokeless Fuel With Every BULK BAG Of Logs Delivered 


Barrow bags

The Barrow bags are smaller in size, approx 0.3m³. The logs are all approximately 9”/230mm long and are available as both kiln dried and seasoned.

The main advantage of these bags over the bulk bags is their convenience. Due to their size it means we can leave them where you require. The general rule of thumb is that, if you can put your wheelie bin there, then we can put a barrow bag there! They are hard to maneuver over gravel or up/down steps so please bear this in mind when picking a suitable spot.


Bulk Bags (0.8m³) 1 each 2 (per bag) 3-4 (per bag)
Seasoned £90 £85 £80
Kiln Dried £150 £145 £140
Chestnut £80 £75 £70

Please note:

Bulk Bag Log prices increased by £5 per bag as of 1st October 2018

This is due to a widespread nationwide timber increase of an average of 11%

Chestnut logs are for stoves/wood-burners only

Barrow Bags 1 each 2 (per bag) 3-4 (per bag)
Seasoned £35 £65 £90

The seasoned log barrow bags are now slightly smaller in size, the price has been reduced to reflect this.

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